Welcome to the Community Alliance for Upper Fourteenth Street (CAUFS) or for short, Uptown 14th Street. We are an organization dedicated to the residents and businesses in the upper 14th street area. What does that mean and where is the upper 14th Street area?

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CAUFS Efforts Help Bring the Benefits of DC Main Streets to Upper 14th!


Years of effort advocating for public and private investment in the upper 14th Street business corridor has resulted in upper 14th Street and Kennedy Street being designated one of DC’s latest “Main Streets.” The new “Uptown Main Street” is the result of a joint filing by the Community Alliance for Upper Fourteenth Street (CAUFS) and the Kennedy Street Development Corporation (KSDC ) and is the only DC Main Streetprogram in Ward 4 of the city. “I am so excited with the city’s focus, confidence and investment in our business corridor,” said CAUFS founder and Co-Chair Audrey Nwanze. Read more.


End of the Line Film Project

Mary Gibson was one of the driving forces behind Dunbar High School’s national reputation of excellence from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Learn more about her story, the film maker and the film series focused on place making in the District.